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Cut Costs – Save Time – and Maximize Efficiency with ScanForce

From Warehouse Management and Manufacturing Automation to Mobile Sales & Label Printing, Sage 100 integration with ScanForce mobile barcode scanning tools saves time, eliminates errors, and streamlines all warehouse processes.

Optimized warehouse management for both manufacturing and distribution processes is successfully and sustainably accomplished in one way – automation.  This type of automation, at its baseline, initially involves focusing on time and labor-intensive inventory related tasks.

While the process and transition to full, optimized automation of all warehouse management processes seems daunting, ScanForce breaks it down into simplified steps – steps that wipe out  hesitation or resistance and are prioritized by problem and solution, as outlined below.

Note: This first two problems are actually assumptions that are typically the most common reasons why automating warehouse processes gets pushed back as a priority. Granted, it’s  considered from time to time (when disruptions happen), but typically not acted upon because of these types of assumptions.    

The Problem: It’s difficult to develop and execute warehouse management processes that keep track of materials, distribution, and labor.

The ScanForce Solution:  With durable, mobile barcode scanners that communicate over your wireless network, ScanForce transmits scanned data directly into a company’s Sage 100 system.

The Problem: New technology devices and software are frustrating, which minimizes team on-boarding.

The ScanForce Solution:  ScanForce’s interface is intuitive, familiar, and user friendly; making it easy for your team to learn and immediately embrace.

With those two barriers dissolved, ScanForce makes it clear that what’s often seen as “nice upgrades” are actually accessible necessary capabilities.

 The Problem: Salespeople often have to wait for accurate inventory information to be manually entered.

The ScanForce Solution:  ScanForce not only eliminates the errors caused by data entry but also significantly improves customer service and increases productivity; both of these occur when your salespeople have access to accurate information when they need it.

The Problem: Late notice of delays means that you must notify customers, salespeople, and warehouse teams after the delays occur.

The ScanForce Solution: Instant dashboard visibility into the status of all warehouse activities shifts your entire warehouse dynamic from reactive to proactive.

The Problem: Barcode scanning is traditionally limited in its functionality.

The ScanForce Solution: The advanced functionalities of ScanForce streamline all warehouse processes providing faster order fulfillment times, more efficient workflows, increased accuracy of order picking, and improved employee morale. These functionalities include:

ScanForce Wave Picking for Sage 100 (aka Batch Picking) which allows for sales orders to be grouped. This means that more than one order can be picked at a time. When items are automictically sorted by location, all orders in the location can be picked at one time. No more unnecessary trips across the warehouse.

Directed Picking for optimizing your order picking route. By sorting and displaying line items, on the mobile device, by their bin locations, users are able to quickly walk the warehouse one time to pick an order. When DSD/ScanForce Multi-Bin Management is also installed, you can use more than one bin location.

Multi-Bin Management gives Sage 100 users the ability to know what inventory is available and also where to find it! Items summarized by warehouse code can be viewed by location, including multiple locations.

The Problem: Many warehouse disruptions are technology related.

The ScanForce Solution: Enduring and working around shipment delays and unresolved support requests, which cost time, money and sometimes customers, is not a necessary evil, although many multi-location suppliers operate as if it is. Scanforce is ready to expedite deployment for those companies that realize the time to implement a new warehouse management system is right now!

Because of its user-friendly devices and expeditious go-live capabilities, ScanForce mitigates the typical disruptions tech issues cause, and makes them a thing of the past once its implemented.

The Problem: Warehouse and distributors still relying upon paper and pencil systems experience all sorts of errors, inefficiencies and setbacks, practically on a daily basis  These problems involve a host of issues like inaccurate order fulfillment, order tracking, and order pulling.

The ScanForce Solution:. The solution, of course, is to shift from manual processes to automated, integrated processes but that’s only the first step in the process – for those who don’t yet know about ScanForce.

The expert consultants at Accounting Business Solutions by JCS are dedicated to making sure all warehouse and distribution companies using Sage 100 who accept that it’s time to innovate and automate, are introduced to ScanForce.

This warm introduction ensures that the second step in the process – selecting the warehouse management system that’s best suited for them – is completed – and implemented – simply, efficiently, and confidently.   Because that’s the ScanForce experience.

Quick Summary of What You Can Expect Upon Implementing ScanForce  

  • Eliminate manual data entry and errors
  • Elevate accuracy
  • Sell anywhere, without concern about internet connectivity
  • Ship more accurately
  • Improve inventory management
  • Accelerate the sales process
  • Increase customer loyalty, retention, and satisfaction

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