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Why, When, and How to Get the Most from Sage 50 Support, Professional Consulting, and Authorized Reseller Training     

Sage 50 Support – For all our Sage 50 customers we understand that managing your business is challenging. You’ve got a lot of moving parts and you’re responsible for making sure they all move in the right direction at the right times. And of course, your staff in the accounting and operations departments are the engines that keep everything in motion (or stalled).

Have you ever been in the midst of a problem and caught yourself thinking how useful it would be – at that moment – to have a go-to expert who could help you efficiently and successfully navigate your way to the ideal solution?

Hold that thought! That’s exactly what a professional consultant, advisor, trainer, or technical support person does for you. And, as valuable as they can be for your business during a problem, they are twice as beneficial when you’re not operating in crisis mode.

When you reach out for the attention of a professional, dedicated consultant, advisor, or trainer – before you’re having a problem – you’re in a sense getting an expert who not only understands the specific financial, technical, or operational aspects of your business,  such as a software issue, but also brings their business-specific expertise and insight into the discussion, the action plan, and the solution.

Now let’s take a look at why, when, and how the support provided by a professional consultant and engaged Reseller can help you get the most from your Sage 50cloud.

You’ve made the wise choice to upgrade to Sage 50cloud. You did your diligence and it was quickly clear that this was an investment with an attractive, quick, and ongoing return.

Right from the start, you experienced the time and cost savings Sage 50 is known for and you’re a happy Sage 50 user. But, keep in mind that you might be leaving a lot more efficiencies on the table.  And not even realize it.

“In general, people who access training are happier with their software and need less ongoing support.”    – Peter Lundberg; Sage 50 Certified Trainer; Senior Consultant; Accounting Business Solutions by JCS

This leads us to the Why and the When and the How.

The Value of Sage 50 Technical Support, Consulting, and Reseller Training before you think you need it.    

As many accounting professionals will attest, it’s quite natural to reach an initial comfort zone with new accounting software and then stay at that level – especially when you’re so pleased with how much you’ve increased your productivity and functionality.

But this is actually when you can benefit the most from professional support, consulting, and the personalized attention of a Certified Reseller for Training.  This is when you will recognize the value of the services designed to help you use the system specifically to fit how your business operates.

And this is how you become instinctively familiar with all of Sage 50coud’s robust features so that you’ll fully realize its benefits, its return on your investment, and its impact on your growth and profitability.

While Accounting Business Solutions by JCS will always be available to assist you and constructively resolve any issues or challenges you’re facing, we encourage you to reach out before you’re struggling or having a problem. By taking a proactive approach to getting to know Sage 50cloud, you’ll realize more of its benefits more quickly with far fewer disruptive trials and errors.

Sage 50 support – Get advice from Experts about your Sage 50 Inventory, job costing, payroll, and more. Sage 50 allows you to streamline the inventory management process from ordering, tracking available quantities on hand, and sales profitability in detail such as the history of items sold to customers. The true cost of carrying inventory, such as storage, insurance, and taxes, can have a significant impact on your business’s profitability.

Would you like to know your inventory turnover or which items are high-volume? Sage 50 Quantum provides the power to help your business analyze if there is too much inventory or not enough which can have an impact on your financial information and company profitability.

Inventory Tracking and Replenishment

One of the top features of Sage 50 is the ability for your business to maintain accurate Quantity on Hand information from demands on inventory from Purchase Orders and Sales Orders. Every business owner wants help in monitoring inventory levels. When inventory reaches a minimum level, Sage 50 Quantum can automatically create a purchase order to replenish inventory. Optionally you can create purchase orders from sales orders and invoices. #sage50inventory #sage50Cinventory.

Inventory Pricing and Multiple Costing Methods

Establish up to 10 different, customizable price levels per item and easily update your Sage 50 inventory item prices by a specific dollar amount or percentage. If you have price changes no worries you can apply a pricing change to a handful of items or everything in your inventory and can choose to round prices to a specific cent or dollar amount.

Inventory and Services Management Center

Quickly and easily get insight into the usage of your inventory and services. A customizable dashboard helps you process large quantities of information about a single inventory item or service at a glance. It enables quick research, comparisons, and decision-making. Excellent for understanding quantities, usage, and assembly relationships.

  • Track items by bin location by establishing the bin information in the item master record
  • Serialized Item Tracking & Costing If you need historical information for items you sold to customers or for warranty coverage on high-value items
  • Custom Fields allow you to maintain user-defined information for each item in your inventory
  • LIFO, FIFO, Specific Unit, and Average Costing methods to match your company costing method
  • Warranty Tracking for items that are covered under warranty
  • Quantity Discounting can be based on a fixed amount or percent
  • Just in Time Purchasing Flexibility whether you buy, distribute, build or track jobs
  • Assembly History Tracking for today, week, month, year, or all transactions for built items and un-built items
  • Viewing inventory items dashboard with additional inventory attributes using the inventory management center
  • Standard reports include items sold to customers, item profitability, stock status, shipment register, and many more
  • Commissionable Item Tracking to include on sales commission reports
  • Drop Shipments can be defined in the Sales Order entry for each sales order
  • Master stock and sub-item tracking for apparel matrix
  • Work Ticket Tracking Work tickets allow you to bring together all of the materials, both labor and parts, needed to build an assembly. Work tickets act as both information sources and tracking devices.

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