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Sage 100: Work Order vs Production Manager

 Adapt, Innovate, & Compete on Cost, Quality, & Schedule with Sage Production Management

 In today’s manufacturing climate, if you recognize the need to adapt and innovate to stay competitive and   profitable but aren’t sure if you have – or can acquire – the resources, no worries! Sage Production Management   has you covered.

  Manufacturers globally face new, dynamic challenges each day. Sometimes they’re external, related to rapid growth in a global     enterprise. But other challenges are internal – rooted in inefficiencies and onslaughts of information.

  Manufacturers focused on continuing to grow must be prepared to adjust and adapt to new methods in manufacturing, evolving   customer needs, and more incisive business strategies.

  Each of these elements can be addressed through automation and operational efficiencies driven by the quality and capabilities of the    Production Management software they utilize.

  If you’re a manufacturer that has relied upon the Work Order module for Sage 100 ERP, you’re familiar with how manufacturing       software can be the foundation of the entire ERP’s Manufacturing solution.

This also means that you’re well positioned to discover Sage Production Management!  

Bringing all of the features of Work Order to Sage 100cloud’s tech stack, Sage Production Management presents high-level features and capabilities that facilitate manufacturers’ ability and mission to grow, exceed customer requirements, and continuously elevate their business strategies as internal and external conditions demand.  These high-level features include:

  •   Compatibility with Sage 100cloud Premium
  •   Primary & secondary grids, batch data entry, user defined fields & tables
  •   And a range of other features characteristic of the latest generation of modules for Sage 100cloud

   Check out the Reference Guide – Sage Production Management vs Work Order (pdf) below.  See all of the Features     Comparisons between Work Order and Sage 100 Production Management & Sage 100cloud Production           Management.    

Then, let’s chat about how Sage Production Management can deliver for your company!

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  •   Complete and Submit a Contact Form; we’ll respond in the time and manner you prefer so we can answer your questions & show    you if and how Sage Production Management can be the right solution for your company

Reference Guide – Sage Production Management vs Work Order (PDF)


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