Attendees of JCS’ May 2023 Inside/Outside Sales CRM Software Tools webinar series May 16, 17, and 18 quickly learned about the power of well managed customer and salesperson relationships in transforming sales opportunities into closed business. Here’s a brief recap of the salient points highlighted in the webinars and how small to midsize Distribution, Manufacturing, and Field service companies can access the Sales CRM software solutions Sage 100 and JCS can offer your company.

Sage CRM – Managing Pipelines for Inside/Outside Sales

From increasing customer retention and elevating team performance and collaboration to incisive business insight, Sage CRM can be a business’ greatest tech asset – if its features and power are thoroughly applied and relied upon. This webinar’s attendees caught on quickly to JCS’ determination to shine new light on Sage CRM – not only on its litany of features but also on the difference it makes across all operations and departments – beginning, of course, with Sales.

Accounting Business Solutions by JCS remains available to companies who weren’t able to attend this webinar but recognize the value Sage CRM could bring to their Sales operations. If you are one of them call JCS today (800.475-1047) or complete and submit the Contact form to set up a conversation that revolves around your company, your questions, your challenges, and your sales objectives going forward.   

Integrating Sage 100 with Salesforce

When the sales and marketing teams get real time visibility of orders, communications, and invoices, opportunities convert to closed business much more efficiently. As attendees of this webinar learned, integrating Sage 100 with Salesforce is a smooth pathway to that outcome. The Salesforce-Sage 100 integration allows a new closed sales opportunity (in Salesforce) to automatically be created as an order (in Sage 100). The effect of this didn’t go unnoticed during this webinar.

Attendees who wrestle with disrupted workflows recognize the value of finalized order details being automatically sent to either the Orders object or a Custom object. In effect, this function allows for a comparison of original orders to final orders; something that becomes very significant when assessing sales.

Those whose schedule didn’t allow them to attend this seminar are encouraged to reach out to JCS to learn more about how Salesforce can be integrated into their Sage 100 easily, efficiently, and productively.  

Simplifying Complex Sales Commissions

Far too few companies make the connection between simplified, clearly defined sales commission structures and reports and increased sales. But there is a connection and companies that have discovered how to demystify sales commission structures are noticing an upward trend in their sales staff’s productivity, satisfaction, and reporting. All three of these are integral parts of the sales team’s overall performance, but sales commissions – how they’re calculated and structured – is typically overlooked as factors contributing to sluggish or decreasing sales.

The purpose of this webinar was to shine a light on this issue so that it becomes a consideration when assessing the sales operation overall and the Sales accounting software being used.  If you weren’t able to attend this webinar but still have interest in simplifying your sales commission structures, watch this video of this seminar.  

Then reach out to us. A dedicated JCS expert is ready to take your call and design a solution just for you.  

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