With seamless integration to Sage 100, ScanForce’s mobile apps automate warehouse transactions with a user-friendly interface that’s reliable, fast, and efficient.  Now, manufacturing and distribution companies that have been struggling with when, why, and how to automate all processes, have their answers, courtesy of ScanForce, Sage 100, and Accounting Business Solutions by JCS.  

 All manufacturers and distributors – local, regional, national, and global – recognize that automation is the pathway to competitive efficiency. In order to profitably capture new customers and retain current customers, it’s critical that all warehouse and manufacturing processes – from barcode scanning and tracking direct labor costs to immediate access to accurate inventory information – are automated and integrated.

By using ScanForce and Sage 100 Manufacturing, the entire manufacturing process is streamlined and simplified.    To better understand exactly how that benefits your manufacturing or distribution company, it might be helpful if we break it down into one of the most significant, but sometimes glossed over, aspects that affect manufacturing processes.

Let’s talk about Labor Tracking

You’re heading in the right direction if you’re considering implementing manufacturing labor tracking and direct labor cost management. Tracking direct labor costs is extremely important; and, as you may be realizing, not doing so can lead to a variety of uncertainties regarding your efficiency, profitability, and growth.

For example, if you don’t have a proper manufacturing labor tracking system in place, how do you know what to charge your clients?

How do you know the basis for maintaining the right profit margin based on your requirements?

What information do you rely upon to plan for the correct staffing levels and how do you spotlight which areas need improvement versus those that are performing well?

Why is Labor Tracking relevant? 

 Since it involves the assessment of your staffing level as they relate to specific jobs or projects, labor tracking is vital for accurately analyzing staff productivity. You know what can happen when a project or job is overstaffed, likewise you know the delays and errors that can occur as a result of understaffing.

How do you avoid both scenarios and stay right on target?

Through accurate labor cost tracking and automation of the production entry process, you’re able to capture transactions and efficiently process the steps.

Since direct labor is so important, why does it go untracked?

Often, it simply isn’t recognized as important enough to dedicate time and resources to. Seen as a formality, it tends to become a checklist item, suitable for estimations. Or, in many cases, the person designated for tracking is untrained or overwhelmed. Without the necessary training or capacity, the person responsible for direct labor tracking either avoids the task or does the least amount possible.

ScanForce, Sage 100 Manufacturing, and JCS solves all of those issues – and so much more.

Remember how this article started: ScanForce streamlines the entire manufacturing process. This is done with time and labor tracking capabilities at the center of the solution.

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 Discover how your company can access, apply, and grow with these capabilities:

  •  Wireless capabilities
  • Barcode scanning
  • Real-time inventory tracking
  • Key performance indicators so you can effectively manage and track labor costs with real-time, accurate data.

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