February 2023 Webinar Highlights

 As an EDI market leader for 20 years, SPS Commerce has been solving the EDI problems that many attendees of the February 16 webinar encounter every day.   Presented by Sam Scoblic, Sage Senior Channel Sales Manager, in collaboration with Accounting Business Solutions by JCS, the webinar explained the types and causes of common EDI challenges and how SPS Commerce  dissolves them.

Spotlighting the relationship between Accounting Business Solutions by JCS and Sage, the webinar showed attendees how SPS Commerce solves the EDI problems that every supplier encounters practically daily. But first, Scoblic clarified what is meant by EDI then illustrated the how and why the problems occur.

What is EDI and Why is it So Challenging?

EDI refers to various models of electronic data interchange and business processes and the resources needed to fulfill orders. The most fundamental of which are EDI common documents: Purchase Orders; Purchase Order Acknowledgement; Packing Slip or Advanced Ship Notice; Invoice

In effect, that’s where the commonality between all trading partners seems to end. As the “least standard standard”, Scoblic explained, EDI is difficult because fulfilling orders with various trading partners is complex for a variety of reason, among them:

  • New and evolving needs relating to compliance and new customers, team members, or sales channels
  • Multiple channels and trading partner requirements make it difficult to know and track all the different requirements for each trading partner and channel

All attendees agreed how difficult it is to balance the different requirements for both transaction processing and for testing which vary by trading partner and constantly change.

So, how does SPS Commerce solve all of the problems?

Clearly seeing the benefits of SPS Commerce became easier once attendees were shown the The 7 Components any EDI Must Have:

  • Technology must be in place
  • Trading Partner Expertise; the ins & outs of each trading partner’s requirements must be understood
  • Design and Configuration; an EDI must have some sort of design configuration for Point A to Point B
  • Trading Partner Communication; the EDI must address how information is traveling back and forth
  • Testing and Launch; Who owns the testing environment?
  • Ongoing External Support
  • Proactive Monitoring and Analysis; Who is monitoring the integrity of the data? This involves visibility and reporting

Falling short in any of these components results in

  • Slow onboarding
  • Lack of scale – internally and externally
  • High IT costs
  • Slow error identification and resolution
  • Unexpected costs
  • Chargebacks and fees

Every supplier struggling to do business with current and prospective trading partners experiences some or all of these challenges. And often times, their desperation for a solution results in choosing inadequate solutions that solve only part of the problem which leads to unplanned complexity, limited support resources, and a significant reliance on IT.   The ideal solution is rooted in a single, new EDI source that simplifies working with multiple customers’ systems.  The good news is SPS Commerce owns all 7 of the components listed above.

How does SPS Commerce simplify EDI complexities and solve EDI challenges?

100% cloud-based technology and built within Sage ERP so users never have to leave their Sage 100 environment, SPS Commerce is the  leading cloud-based outsourced EDI provider featuring a full-service approach. As a full-service partner, SPS Commerce makes sense of EDI so suppliers can focus on their business.

It’s a fact that retailers “rule the roost” and suppliers must comply. SPS Commerce operates from that perspective.  Proactively managing an average of 9000 changes from retailers each year, SPS Commerce serves as a full-service partner to tackle the complex requirements by offering:

  • An all-in-one technology
  • People with trading partner and system expertise
  • A proven process and track record

SPS Commerce is Sage Certified and a Preferred Solution Provider. Working with 3500 retail, distribution, grocery, and manufacturing trading partners, SPs commerce delivers for businesses that have exhausted all partial and inadequate solutions their EDI challenges and fully recognize the internal and external competitive advantages SPS Commerce avails. In partnership with Accounting Business Solutions by JCS, SPS Commerce allows companies to manage product data digitally across channels, automate and exchange EDI order data, capture sell-through product performance insights, and engage proven processes with trading partners to facilitate consistent, accurate and timely data exchange.

To get started – or to further explore how SPS Commerce is the right fit at the right time for your company – reach out to Accounting Business Solutions by JCS to set up a Discovery Call, then take the next steps toward scheduling a demo tailored to your business.

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