Sage 100 ManufacturingRegardless of the type of manufacturing your company does, Sage 100 Production Management – featuring Sage 100 Manufacturing automation – gives you the specific financial and reporting tools you need to transform all of your standard functions and reports into a streamlined automated process.

Sage 100 Manufacturing software, which includes an array of options for seamless customization, steers operation and production management on a steady, efficient course toward growth and profitability within and across all departments – from sales and operations to shipping.

If you’re a small to mid-sized Manufacturing business, it’s possible you’re facing a unique set of challenges. For example, maybe you’re under-staffed and struggling with supply chain issues, yet also experiencing rapid growth.  However, as conflicting as this situation may sound, there is a pathway toward a solution – automation.

But that’s only one scenario.

It’s common for all Manufacturing companies to have production management challenges in addition to routine day-to-day challenges.  Excessive costs, time, and errors must be managed and eliminated in every possible situation. This requires incisive tracking but tracking these costs is a challenge in and of itself. There are materials, overheads, labor, and AP costs, in addition to managing the job status.

But, when guided by Accounting Business Solutions by JCS, as a manufacturing company using Sage 100, you can quickly access all of the Manufacturing Automation and Production Management advantages you need to stay current, accurate, on-time, profitable, and competitive – advantages you may not have even considered as possible!

Here’s a sampling of some of the Sage 100 Manufacturing advantages Sage 100 users experience once they implement Sage Production Management as part of their automation upgrades:  

Costs can be tracked in accordance with the budget allowing for the ability to make quick adjustments to processes, materials, and inventory.

All standard tracking-related functions are automated allowing for real-time validation of all data which can then go directly into Sage 100.

Broader visibility and control

Dedicated to discovering customized solutions, Accounting Business Solutions takes a deep dive into each customer’s challenges, goals, dynamics, concerns, and strong suits to tailor a Sage 100 Manufacturing bundle ideally suited to them.

And we’re available to do the same for you!

Specializing in showing manufacturing companies how Sage 100 bundles enable manufacturing companies to unite the entire business process, Accounting Business Solutions by JCS offers expert guidance in Sage 100 Production Management, featuring Sage 100 Manufacturing automation and Sage 100 Warehouse automation.