Brought to you by Accounting Business Solutions by JCS, Scanco, and Sage, this webinar titled “Take Control of Your Manufacturing Processes with Sage 100” welcomes you to learn from the experts how Sage 100 Operations Management frees up resources while simplifying and streamlining manufacturing workflow with fully integrated operations and warehouse management solutions.

Accounting Business Solutions by JCS launches its “All Things Manufacturing” campaign with the first of 3 webinars on Tuesday, February 14 by showcasing Operations Management for Sage 100. Presented by Seth Fike of Scanco, an established developer of mobile warehouse and manufacturing automation solutions, this webinar is all about understanding and applying the most current manufacturing operations automation solutions.

Devoted to driving small to mid-size manufacturing and distribution companies’ productivity with manufacturing tech and automation, this Sage 100 Operations Management webinar will illustrate how Scanco’s Sage 100 Operations technology and automation resolves many of today’s manufacturing and distribution challenges.

In so doing, this webinar intends to play a part in jumpstarting U.S. manufacturing companies’ efficient response time to the fast-paced, often unscheduled economic and tech shifts that have become common, disruptive occurrences during the last few years.

The webinar is free; advance registration is required. A recording of the webinar can be made available to attendees after the webinar. 

Copy & Paste this Link in your Browser to Register for the free Sage  Operations Management webinar!  Date: Tuesday, February 14; Time: 12:30 – 1:15 Eastern.

So, on February 14 spend 45 minutes with Scanco, Sage, and Accounting Business Solutions by JCS to explore if and how smart, customized software automation can benefit your manufacturing or distribution company.

What does the Sage Operations Management segment of the 3-part “All Things Manufacturing” webinar series cover?

Simply put, it will spotlight the tools Sage Operations Management provides for creating accurate job cost estimates through real-time access to every job component’s cost – material, labor, and subcontracted services.  In effect, manufacturers get a panoramic view of the total costs of the job and the pricing specs which leads to smart, accurate, and strategic pricing.

It’s all about real-time integration. When financial and operations data are synched, manual data entry is a thing of the past, as are the multitude of errors that it causes.

Plan to attend and learn how:

  • Sage 100 Operations can help you track and manage the total life cycle of everything that’s produced
  • Cloud-based deployment and customized software automations increase production, operations efficiency, and incisive inventory management.


Copy & Paste this Link in your Browser to Register for the free Sage Operations Management webinar!  Date: Tuesday, February 14; Time: 12:30 – 1:15 Eastern

How long is the webinar and what is included?  

Each webinar in this 3-part series is 30 minutes and is followed by a 15-minute Q&A session. A recording of the webinar can be made available to attendees after the webinar.

 An additional benefit for attendees is an invitation to schedule a private client needs assessment with Accounting Business Solutions by JCS to learn how and why each spotlighted Sage 100 accessory featured in one or all three of the webinars could be of the greatest benefit to you and what your best next steps would be based upon your needs, objectives, challenges, and preferences.

 During the webinar, you’ll begin to see that once you’re equipped with this capability, everything that’s needed to meet both business and customer needs will remain within your control and line of vision.

Then, stay tuned! The February 14 Sage Operations Management webinar is followed by two sequential “All Things Manufacturing” free webinars focused on closely related Sage 100 manufacturing automation topics – Sage Inventory Advisor on February 15 and SPS Commerce on February 16.