Accounting Business Solutions by JCS shows businesses how to convert more quotes to sales and make customer quotes & orders easy, efficient, and scalable by offering Sage Order Desk, powered by Conligo, FREE for the 1st 3 months – now through Feb 14, 2023 – a $450.00 value!  

 What is Order Desk and How Can it Accelerate Your Sales & Order Processing?

Powered by Conligo, Order Desk is a Sage Order Entry Solution for salespeople and Customer Service representatives that gives easy access to data that is typically not readily or easily available, including:

  • Order History
  • Quotes
  • Invoices

As a cloud-based solution, Sage Order Desk gives field reps remote, immediate, and independent access to the information they need so they can more efficiently submit a quote, resolve an inquiry, or close a sale, wherever they may be.

With up to the minute pipeline information, a field sales rep is able to place customer orders, review customer accounts and view inventory balances . And, with instant access to the sales managers in the home office, field reps can also collaborate and forecast daily sales with accurate, current information.

Why is this relevant?

Quick answer: Never lose another sale or customer because they “slipped through the cracks!”

Think about how it is currently at your company . . . if your customer service reps and salespeople are like most, they don’t have access to all the information they need to expedite a quote or a sale or respond efficiently to a customer inquiry.

In order to have this access, they are required to have some level of accounting knowledge or some familiarity with the Sage Order Process.  And, they have to be connected to the network at the time they need this information.

And all of this is a bit contrary to the nature of their expertise, capabilities, work dynamic, and job performance.

Sage CRM Order Desk dissolves these obstacles by providing easier – more efficient –  quotes, orders, solutions & access from anywhere!

Check out this video to learn more about Sage CRM Order Desk 

 Then, reach out in 1 of the following ways so we can schedule your complimentary Order Desk Demo! Act soon! Our offer for your 1st 3 Months FREE – for unlimited users – expires Feb 14, 2023.


Here’s a picture of what the sales & customer service experience is like once you’ve enhanced Sage 100 Premium or Sage CRM with Order Desk!

 Sales & service reps will now be able to immediately access (from anywhere) an efficient Order Entry screen that ties all Quotes and Orders to an Opportunity  for efficient CRM Pipeline Management!

In other words they’ll be able to:

  • Set up a new Quote quickly with basic information
  • Calculate margins, Adjust price, and Add Discounts immediately
  • Add a new Ship-to Address
  • Search an item by its Item Number or Item Description
  • View available quantities from within the Order
  • Convert Quotes to Orders (based on your preferred security)

A Word About Sage 100, Sage Premium, & Sage CRM

Sage CRM, in conjunction with Sage 100, is a cost-effective customer relationship management solution designed to help small and midsize businesses optimize their customer experience by offering tools that nurture and manage new and existing client relationships.

Fully integrated with Sage 100, Sage CRM provides a scalable, customizable, end-to-end business solution.

Trusted by businesses around the world, Sage CRM can stand alone or accessorize Sage 100 Premium to help small businesses accelerate sales. Order Desk, powered by Conlgio, is one of the newest additions for assuring users they can exceed their  sales and customer service goals!


Reach out to us today in 1 of the following ways so we can schedule your complimentary Order Desk Demo! Act soon! Our offer for your 1st 3 Months FREE – for unlimited users – expires Feb 14, 2023.