February 2023 Webinar Highlights

Attendees of the first of 3 All Things Manufacturing webinars in February 2023 were given an insightful “tour” of the power of Sage Operations Management, courtesy of Seth Fike, National Account Executive, Scanco.

Spotlighting Scanco, which since 1989 has been providing supply chain automation and services with a focus on warehouse management solutions, the webinar showed Scanco’s tech-driven approach to delivering visibility and efficiency for manufacturing and distribution companies around the world. From basic barcoding of inventory to the most complex distribution and manufacturing operations, the expansive capabilities of Sage Operations Management were clearly shown in the context of how each feature is a solution.

Scanco’s manufacturing mobile solutions, which were developed in 2018, allows users to track labor in and out of jobs, track parts, and add non work ticket items to any job. With real-time integration to Sage 100, Scanco also enables users on the production floor to create make to stock item entries and update the job status – from the floor.

When is Sage Operations Management the right fit?

To ensure the presentation provided attendees with a solid foundation, Fike clearly explained what is meant by Operations Management by sharing a checklist for determining if Sage Operations Management is right for their company. The checklist introduced a range of considerations, among them:

  • Do you have a variety of customizations for the items you manufacture?
  • Do you need to schedule production based on your time or resource capacities?
  • Do you need an Advanced Product Configurator to determine the steps, material, and quantities needed for production?
  • Do you need to ability to track times produced for warranty or service work?
  • Do you need the ability to send field techs out to repair an item (Field Service add on)?

Essentially, there are 2 Production Models – Make to Order or Make to Stock. Operations Management covers both.  Everything in Operations Management is driven from the sales order

If you don’t have something in stock, the system can ask you if you want to make it or buy it.

When Sage Operations Management is a good fit, how does its value show up?

In collaboration with Accounting Business Solutions by JCS, Sage 100 Operations Management provides manufacturers and distribution companies 3 vital competitive advantages

  • Data entry elimination
  • Full visibility of inventory
  • Elimination of all guess work

These 3 primary advantages reveal themselves daily by enabling users to link sales orders and work tickets in the same order entry step, automatically create work tickets to expedite the production process, track materials, track labor usage, schedule jobs, and manage the progress.

Add Ons and Enhancements

 To gain more value, Sage Operations Management provides add-ons and enhancements to assure customization based upon your unique needs and objectives. (An Accounting Business Solutions by JCS specialization!)  Among them are:

  • Enhanced Scheduling
  • Field Service & Dispatch
  • Component Exception Manager
  • Product Configurator

To get started – or to further explore if Sage Operations Management is the right fit at the right time for your company – reach out to JCS to set up a Discovery Call, then take the next steps toward scheduling a demo tailored to your business.

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